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LA Street Racing (PC/Eng)
13.04.2010, 23:35

Nothing worries residents of Los Angeles. Late at night sleeps even organized crime. 
The moon shines, supporting it with its lights dim light. The highway was empty. But - hark! What's that noise?
And why is he coming? Oh no, this is crazy street racer, recaptured roadbed! 
Raging roar of modified engines, the race for life, and thousands of dollars, a deadly risk and liters 
Psycho! And, of course, a beautiful top model Anastasia Brown, giving a visual signal to start. 
Noise explosion covers the sleeping streets. Ten racers prove to each other that they are the best. 
They obey the streets, highways, drawbridges, dirty yards. Stop them can only concrete 
overlap, it is the same - death. Stretch. Only one will win a prize. Only it will be a hero 
this arrival. There is an opportunity to play on the network and the Internet.

-Windows 2000sp4 / XPsp2 
-Pentium III 1 GHz (or equivalent AMD) 
-256 MB RAM 
-1,5 GHB free space on HDD 
-GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500 
-DirectX 9.0c 
-DirectX-compatible sound card 
-Keyboard, Mouse
-Size 292.52 Mb

კატეგორია: თამაშები  დაამატა: GoLD ნანახია: 436 კომენტარი: 0 რეიტინგი: 0.0/0

სულ კომენტარებ: 0

გადაიწერე DivX პლეიერი

Opera 11 Firefox Google Chrome


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NFS Pro Street FULL

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